Transforming through Our Truth

Truth carries great weight and responsibility with it today. Why might you ask? Because for generations people have become comfortable believing lies fed to us through society. Today, people post on Facebook either all the pretty highlights or constant dramas, but there are very few people who share it all – ups and downs, good and bad, rights and wrongs…myself included. Growing up our family (I’m sure like many) had its fair share of dirty laundry, but that laundry was never to be aired or shown in public. I felt like sometimes we lived a lie because I couldn’t talk about certain things and I feel like this is still the case with “taboo” topics that are rooted in truth throughout time. So many today live a lie with life’s blindfolds over some really serious issues that aren’t acknowledged in mainstream media, of which the primary purpose has come to be based in fear.

We all have fears. Fears of rejection, disappointment, lack of self-worth…and the list can go on and on, but I’m sure if you’re honest with yourself you can name a few of your own. Over the past few years, I have aired out my own dirt that even I had been in denial of for years and shamed me into a guilt that ate me up inside. I felt my lowest and most defeated. I had lost that innate self-confidence and disconnected from the power I knew was inside me driven with this knowing that I am here to serve a purpose larger than myself. It was something that as I grew up I wondered why so many adults seemed out of touch with, or unaware of their own inner strength. I had to believe again that it was still there and do what I could to feel better.

IMG_265961310277564I had to be honest with myself with why I was unhappy inside, which tied to the different health issues that were arising at the time and then rippling into every other area of my life. I felt I had done what was expected of me and what I had learned to be the best way to strategically setup oneself for success. But, the more I learned the more I realized I’d been shutting out my soul’s voice, or inner intuition. Everytime I had ever been in a place where I didn’t know how something was going to work out or felt I’d exhausted all possible options, I would give it up to Our Creator and even at times would say that if it wasn’t meant to be then I would be okay with that and understand that some things just aren’t meant to be. As we become more connected I do believe that manifesting things to work out and knowing when we are and are not on the path to fulfilling our highest and best purpose. So how can we differentiate in the mean time while enjoying the journey? I do believe this is where balance comes in so we can love every step.

According to Deepak Chopra, in a chat entitled “The Biology of Healing: Why Love Matters” on 30 November 2015, “Love is a state of being, a state of consciousness where we feel connected with life in general…Love makes us feel safe. Love brings us closer to our Source, which is our Soul, or our Spirit. Love is the ultimate motivation for everything we do…Love matters…Love literally becomes physical matter…When we experience love, our limbic brain gets activated. Our limbic brain is connected to our hypothalamus, which is connected to our pituitary gland – which is connected to all the endocrine glands in our bodies…[Limbic response sets off hormones for self-regulation and neurotransmitters.]

Homeostasis is a dynamic state of non-change in the midst of change…that is actually the biological basis of healing. The word healing. The word whole. And the word holy are the same thing. So when we say holy – a state of return to wholeness. All inclusiveness. Your body is a part of the universe, an entity of the universe. But it is also part of the ecosystem. It is also part of a social network. It is also a set of relationships. And when all of that is in balance and the experience is love and the biological response is healing. That is why love matters. Love becomes the matter of your body in health and healing. You are holy and you are healed.”

IMG_283373248181440Now we are all starting from a place unique to ourselves and situations, but we can all begin this healing process for ourselves right where we are. If we are honest with ourselves and can make managable and attainable steps that become healthy sustainable habits aligning us more each day with our individual highest and best purpose. Being honest is part of respecting the truth that ties us altogether – that we are all of the same loving energetic essence. We each have our own truths, though. In the 2nd grade, I asked the Father of our Catholic church after mass, “Who created God?” He replied that God is so powerful that “He created himself. He merely willed it and so it was.”

Yes, I could agree that is what we were taught, but I felt like it lacked more detail or depth that my soul was yearning to be answered, by the highest ranking and respected man of the church in our school, when asking this question. I didn’t feel that deep down inside this was how everything, every little thing and even the things we couldn’t see inside us has all come to be – from a man-like being who sits in the sky, seeing and knowing everything, being everywhere and sent a son to Earth as sacrifice. Though I found a lot of truth behind the loving morals of Catholicism, at less than 10 years of age I knew there was more to it all. Upon studying other religions during my undergraduate, I have come to believe that all religions are based in love so I see love as Our Creator/our essence and there are many people that have come to connect with Our Creator throughout times and all around the world. However, the stories of these people and instances have been written and recorded by man, mankind who has in the past consistently had an alterior motive like when burning all other books written before those delegated by the church, for instance.

I bring these matters to light because I feel that we have each experienced moments where we questioned something and (to put it lightly) quieted, degraded, or dismissed for thinking outside the box. What box have you put yourself in? What beliefs do you no longer agree with that make up the sides of this box? We all have one or another, if not many like one inside the other, inside the other, inside another. I feel that more and more people are realizing the many boxes we have been confining ourselves to and are not wanting to live like that anymore – whether that be in a soul-sucking job, toxic relationships, unhealthy habits or what have you. Sharing our stories of getting through this can empower others to find what works for them and this is what this community will be built around. Serving each other for the highest and best of us all. If you’re ready to start turning around your life in miraculous and glorious ways then I am here to help you – schedule your appointment today – or subscribe to the blog for simple and fun ways to get going that build on the FREE Tried & True Daily Health Tips.

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Transforming Our Truths for Conscious Changes

Becoming in touch with my spiritual self was not something that happened by accident and know there are so many who are being called to change through crazy scenarios, too. Just as people all over the world are going through things so horrendous, this same fear-based chaos happens in our personal lives to wake us all up. This is all happening to shake up our societal and traditional systems in the big picture, and wake up us individually so we can all come together with the realization that we are all connected – people, animals, plants, planets, all of us – we are all energy and we are altogether the collective consciousness. Opening our minds and hearts to these “new age” ideas can be more of an undertaking for some than others and for each us happens uniquely.

What changes do I speak of? All kinds of changes! For me it was no longer being unaware of the injustices being done to hold back humanity from living a free, healthy life nor allowing myself to be purposely poisoned anymore. But, long before that I started connecting the dots and questioning much of what I was told and taught by adults who seemed to not exactly have it all figured out themselves either. By the 2nd grade, I asked the Father (and later Monsignor) of our NY Catholic church after mass, “Who created God?” He replied that God is so powerful that “He created himself. He merely willed it and so it was.” I knew that was what the Bible said, too, but it just didn’t sit right with me and something told me to just play along. Much of life became like that – I felt like I just played along by the silly rules and expectations, but deep inside knew that it didn’t have to be that way and I would do/be something out-of-the-ordinary.

It is ironic, though, because really it is more the ordinary of the future and some days more than others it is hard to put on my big girl pants and play along. Quite frankly I’ve never been a “fake it ’til you make it” kinda person and don’t pretend to being 100% everyday. I do honestly feel that the more sensitive souls in this world are energetically being affected by the shifts of our planet into higher dimensions & frequencies. Russell Brand even blows me away with his brilliance in this video below:

Working our lives away day after day in a box separating us from our connection to the fresh air, to the warm sunlight, to wind caressing our skin, to nature. All for what? To barely make it by each month paying bills for things that sustainable, energy-friendly technology can replace in a short period of time. But, these decisions aren’t welcomed by the corrupt government of today. Better yet the people creating these innovative inventions are and have been discredited, killed or threatened into silence. So with the New Year upon us, what matters most?

  1. Taking care of our health
  2. Standing up against the systems
  3. Learning and researching with an open heart and mind
  4. Spreading the word to make a positive impact in our world

First thing is first – we need to understand there is much more to this universe and it is being said that a lot will be exposed this coming year of 2016 and I sure hope that brings real changes in the laws, the systems, and those running it and playing puppet master is a result of this sooner than later. How? I found this video by Larry Lessig to best describe how to best remedy this:

Soon enough I will be sharing with you my own video(s) and am playing with ways to get more useful information to you personally this 2016. The more we embrace our spiritual selves and show love to our physical, mental, emotional self, the better it is for everyone and everything 🙂

A lot of resolutions are created at this time of year…surrounded by goals for an even better year ahead. Fortunately, I am partnered with some amazing people who are here to help make it easy for you…to show you how, through Shaklee, you can reach your health goals, help your families be healthier, and even help you grow personally, professionally, and financially in 2016. We all deserve to take care of ourselves, have the freedom to make our own schedule, and make money with integrity. And with Shaklee we truly can!

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2016 New Year New You - Learn How with Us

Embracing Our Spiritual Self

Infinite Spiritual beings having temp human experiencePart of the beauty in walking our own spiritual path is the healing power of being our best self more and more. Over the past few years as I have deeply reflected, meditated on, prayed about, released, healed and acknowledged different areas of my life that aren’t in alignment with my highest and best soul’s purpose, I truly believe it is helping the evolution of all beings. How? Because we are souls in existence in a physical body, which is what has resonated with me most when reading the work of Plato, any healing and releasing we do personally benefits the energetic vibration and healing of humanity. In other words, or the words of Spirit of Ra, “the tiniest of disturbance in one energy field disturbs the others around it, and in turn these spread out to ultimately the farthest reaches of the cosmos…Once this original discordant energy is re-balanced or harmonized, all of the energy effected by the original disturbance will return to order.” Thus, as above, so below. As below, so above. As within, so without. You get the idea. So as I strive to walk in love, be the light and unapologetically balance living a spiritually fulfilling life in a materialistic, unconscious society I hope that my writings can help others find their own balance as they bloom in this crazy, beautiful garden of life.

There is so much BS going on in today’s world that I have had to learn about conflicting with a lot I had been lead or conditioned to believe. It can be hard sometimes to not be concerned about what could come of this crazy world, though we know it will all happen as it is meant to, there has to be a way to help. And I believe this way is by doing what we are being called to do. For me this hasn’t ever been crystal clear. Yeah, I had my 2-year, 5-year goals and such. But, I never really knew what I was meant to do with my life. I knew I wanted to be a healthy role model, mother/wife, philanthropist and purposeful provider.

So many of us feel deep inside something yearning to break free from the chains and limiting beliefs of society’s old-world ways. It is all broken and setup to break and keep the people down. And, yes, there are reasons behind all this that can be found with a little research. But, first we need to be aware of at least one area – which initally for me was through health and food – to see how it is all interconnected. No matter how you are lead on your own spiritual path it is tied to everything else at its essence of energy. Everything is connected. Everything is energy and this is why I have taken more time away than usual. We all need time to ourselves – some more often than others and though I am a social person I am a sensitive soul. We need to have a balance in all areas of our life, though, and now is the time to acknowledge all this more than ever.

i-alone-cannot-change-society-for-the-better-but-i-can-radically-transform-my-own-consciousnessThere are so many people saying to do this or do that and you’ll attract what you desire. Yes, I do believe in the Law of Attraction (LoA) and our individual abilities to manifest/create a life we truly love and are aligned with. But the truth is we must first recognize and love ourselves where we’ve hurt most. Then by LoA, or as I prefer to understand it one of several Universal Laws, as we “heal” those deep wounds we help awaken and positively resonate a higher vibration, frequency and energy within this world. As we each individually come to understand that “when the discordant energy is introduced to the human energy system, the unbalancing may produce disease. By introducing strong harmonizing energy to a discordant or “dis-eased” system, one can bring the system back into balance, or “heal” it.

Our love is that strong harmonizing energy that is strong enough to heal all the systems and showing ourselves self-love is the way to make this all possible through loving actions that become habits and then simply a way of living. So living a healthy life and taking care of ourselves is the mere basis of all this. Over the past few years I have removed many toxins from my life, yet even I can do better. We each are starting from somewhere different so respect and compassion without judgment are ever important as we each walk our own path. The hardest of all toxins, in my opinion, are relationships that no longer serve our highest and best self. I will forever believe people can change, but I am learning to step back more and more without feeling guilty or apologetic for respecting myself enough to let people go. My Grandma always said, “Forgive, but never forget.” I give people the benefit of the doubt because I know there is love at the essence of us all, but should that person not choose to recognize that within themselves and resonate it in their life and actions then I will step back still sending them love, though.

Since a young age, I was very confident and intuitive, which were traits I never understood other people not embracing or understanding as universal. Until now. Now that I look back over the intense relationships within myself and with others throughout my life things make more sense. Especially, though, over the last few years when I have never doubted myself, my intuition and people more. Intuition is the unconscious wisdom within each of us. That is, the mystic spiritual knowingness within all Creation, which we can tap into when we go in and connect with – I believe primarily through meditation and cleansing of energetic imbalances.

Hands down, all-in-all, we are spiritual beings connected to all of creation with an immense amount of power within ourselves that is fueled by healthy facets of living, yet we live in a reality or world that shows us necessary lessons to guide and direct us through our individual blocks. Until money becomes obsolete, the systems change or once I get through my own personal blocks, we make money to do and buy things. At this time what this means for me is working as a Chiropractor’s Assistant while connecting more devoutly to my purpose/calling in life, regardless if that does or doesn’t have to do with being a Reiki Master for now it does align with being a Graduate Certified Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach.

Every day I become more enveloped and immersed in the astrology, “new” science, holistic healing modalities and world-changing inventions or ideas. Earlier this year I endeavored to learn a little about the holistic healing modality of homeopathy that is based in the same understanding of Reiki. Both homeopathy and Reiki work with the essential energy flowing through each of us and each practitioner endeavors to restore the body’s natural energy flow through energy medicine. Writings and videos by others have served as forms of energy medicine for me among many other means that I will gladly be sharing more about with you. So as I faithfully turn the corner of this point in my life, not knowing what is next I open myself to being real with you as I walk this spiritual path while balancing enjoying this beautiful world and life, learning, growing, creating and bettering ourselves and the world as one. In hopes that it can serve and aid in the healing of someone, or awakening of many.

Lead with Love,


Prime Purpose in Life to Help Others

Just Be Yourself: 3 Ways to Cultivate Authenticity & Achieve Wellness

Via SpaFinder Wellness365 (January 2015)

By Debra K.

Lessons in Life Repeat til LearnedWellness is a term that is thrown around quite a bit and it is something we all strive for, but can’t always seem to find a clear cut way to achieve. Often this because there isn’t a specific recipe for well-being; it’s a feeling. It is a unique combination of experiencing self-love and acceptance. It is about holding a sense of peace with your own unique place in the world. It is reaching the highest potential that you can within your special circumstance. Well-being doesn’t mean life is easy, but it does bring with it a belief that you are where you are supposed to be. I firmly believe that the more you love and honor yourself, the more you can offer the world. To get to this place we will find ourselves in many situations and we make choices that either bring us closer or move us away. We will be given as many chances as needed to find a place of well-being within ourselves. Here are some basics to consider as you begin mapping the path to your own well-being:

  • Well Body – What are you doing to honor and keep your body healthy? Movement, nutrition, health care, wellness checks, self-care, sexuality
  • Well Mind – Are you doing things that keep your brain stimulated? Reading, art, conversation, meditation, education
  • Well Heart – What makes your heart fill with joy? A sunrise, nature, loved ones, pets, community, giving, passion
  • Well Soul – Do you have faith in something that is bigger than you are? Higher purpose, a higher power, a belief system that brings joy, service to others

Cultivating Authenticity

When we are born, we do something incredible; we exist exactly as we were meant to. We cry if we are uncomfortable, we laugh out loud when we are joyful, and we reach for those we need comfort from. As we mature, we learn that for some, our behaviors are not acceptable and we begin to change who we are to please others and to make our lives smoother. If we change too much, there can be a sense of loss as a result of us wearing a mask to please others. We lose our self and we lose our way towards our unique sense of well-being. A way to achieve wellness, is to cultivate a more authentic you. Here are three ways to be a more authentic you starting today:

1. Identify those areas in your life where you are not being yourself.

If you have been in relationships for a while, there have been ways in which you have tried to please others by not being yourself. It is impossible not to. What’s most important is to find areas where it is almost always the case and it leaves you with a bad feeling. These phrases might help – “I don’t do _______ because he/she doesn’t like it. I stopped doing this because I was afraid he/she would react badly. He/She always gets their way when it comes to _____. I pretend I don’t care about ______ because it might hurt them if they knew I did.” If one area or one person keeps coming to mind, this is the area that needs work for you to become more authentic.

2. Rephrase your thinking.

Focus Where to Go NOT FearWhen self-sabotaging thoughts surface, try and rephrase them. For example if you were to think “he/she will think this is a waste of money if I sign up for an art class”. Return the thinking back to yourself and say “Taking an art class will provide me with _____, something that is very important to me.”

3. Take ownership in the self-sabotage you’ve already done.

It becomes easy to lay blame on others for decisions you have made out of alignment to who you are. Recognize that most often it is not someone else’s fault: The saboteur does not usually seek to destroy others. The saboteur seeks to destroy the self, to become inauthentic so the other does not do what we most fear. The fear [is] there because we have not learned to fulfill this particular need for ourselves yet.

This quote from the book Oneness sums it up nicely, “Only give to the point where what you are offering is given without expectation of a return. If you are to give, give freely. This allows you to maintain ownership of yourself and frees others to be as they are without the bond of expectation in the middle. You will never experience disappointment if you do not hold faulty expectations of something outside yourself.

Imagine the peace if you and those you are connected to can get to a level of self-development where you can stand before each other and say, “I relinquish from you any responsibility to make me happy, to make me whole or to fill a void I have in my life.”

Personally, I aspire to inspire balance and harmony in this world one person at a time, one step at a time…

Life is all about balance.

As an empath, I have been hurt and blind-sided many times after being there for people through thick and thin when they had nobody else to turn to. Yet I continue to forgive. I have forgiven people for things I never would’ve thought I could forgive someone for and sent love their way regardless how dirty they did me. We each have to recognize when enough is enough for us and if that person is not truly bringing or going to bring anything but pain and trouble or drama and negativity into our lives. Only we know our personal limits and as we become better balanced we can acknowledge and feel the difference in energy with people, especially ourselves. Now, I don’t spend much time with certain people that don’t want to help themselves and always play the victim card – my choice.

Everything happens for a reason – I trust in that and am content learning how much stronger yet more compassionate I have become all because I enjoy working on myself every day to be the change I wish to see in this world. I hope we can all truly love ourselves enough to create more balance and harmony in our lives and believe that by doing so we do have an incredibly positive ripple effect on our environment and those around us. I practice what I preach and walk the talk – if you know me, you know that. And I wish that the love and light spreads exponentially to you today, love.

Small steps have a big ripple effect on our destiny. One of my favorite quotes from the movie Gladiator with Russell Crowe is “What we do in life echoes in eternity.” Let your heart guide you…

The time to thrive in wellness is here and this opportunity to FastTRACK Your Life to Freedom has helped millions turn around their own health and wealth struggles. See how you can earn a living with integrity, receive FREE products, and a $50 rebate through 7/31 ONLY at

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Wellness Word Collage

New Age Billionaire on FastTrack to Freedom

Create the World You Want - Alicia Keys QuoteThe Secret and The Law of Attraction (LOA) are becoming more popular. And, though, I do believe in the power behind them. I have never been someone to do something because it is popular. Nor have I been a popular person in school. But, times are changing and it is so inherently necessary they do. A few years ago, when I asked people if they’d seen or knew about either it was hit or miss. But, today a lot more people have heard of LOA and in one way or another believe there is something to it. It can either be very daunting or refreshing to acknowledge that we create the life we live. So why are people choosing to suffer, be sick, live unappreciated, have financial issues, work doing something they hate, stay with someone who hurts them, or all the other depressing choices we’ve all made in our own way.

I can’t say why anyone else has or does. But, I do know why I did. I was scared. I was misled. I doubted my own abilities. I felt I was in control. I felt I was doing what was expected of me. I was selfish. I was caught up. I don’t say “was” because it doesn’t happen anymore, but now I catch myself before reacting quicker. I am able to get a grip on myself by listening to how my body feels. Then, I chose to stay in a comfort zone. I no longer choose that life, though. Because every time I have stepped out of my personal comfort zone, it has transformed my life in some special way.

One vivid example of so many is when I was flying back from a semester abroad in Chile 2010 (I arrived about a week after the earthquake and my original flight from the U.S. to Chile was on the very day of the earthquake). There is a lot to this whole experience, but fast forward to my flight connecting from Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The flight was late causing me to miss the plane going to the U.S. This would not have been a problem if I had a visa that allowed me to stay in Argentina for more than 8 hours, one of which I did not have, and the amount of time until the next flight to the U.S. was about 10 hours off. So, I had two choices: 1. Get on the plane and go back to Santiago, Chile to start all over and pay all over for a flight to the U.S. tomorrow (lots of details but flight back to Argentina would be covered since it was that airlines mistake, but the next airline was not at fault for the first one being late and would not cover that flight since I technically was just “late”); or 2. Stay in the Buenos Aires airport and 9 out of 10 get thrown in jail for being in the country for too long without a visa, though this was obviously not a usual circumstance or something done on purpose. I freaked. I called my parents for some kind of guidance or help or reassurance of a better way to handle this. Something, just something. Instead I was told “I don’t know what you want me to tell you, Blanca. You know I don’t have any credit cards and don’t have any money to help. You’re going to have to figure this out. You’re the one that wanted to go abroad.”

I had no one to help. I felt abandoned in another country with nobody to turn to. So I got my butt on the plane back to Chile to figure something out. I cried and prayed most of the way. I was guided every step of the way with ideas and somehow pieced my way from one airport to the next with scraps of money, exchanges for that country currency, and quick internet searches. I got a free cab ride after listening to a lady’s own flight dilemma that got her a free taxi to the next airport in Buenos Aires where I needed to go. I was not alone and never have been. None of us are. And in the hardest, lowest of times I remember times like this. Of how I will always be able to get through whatever it is in front of me because there is a greater power who has my back. Together, when I feel like things are out of control or out of balance, we manifest. And we can all manifest.

Embrace Pain as Journey FuelEvery challenge comes with a lesson to be learned. Some are a lot harder than others and are different for every person. We each have our own path and purpose. We are all spiritual beings in a physical body within a matrix world. We are here for unique reasons to learn by having specific challenges arise in our lives. These lessons are brought to us for a reason. It could have either been passed on to us from generation to generation to generation, or we brought it into our lives. I know, it is hard to believe we would volunteer to be a part of this. But, we have. We do it because we need to, we need to know what feeling low is like in order to appreciate being high again. When a seed is planted it is in the dark, dependent on its environment to provide what is essential for it to break through the soil ceiling and bloom into the beauty it is inside. So are we sometimes in the dark cocoon unaware that this painful process is going to allow us to go from being a land bound caterpillar to transforming into a beautiful butterfly who can feel the wind beneath our wings.

Over the past several years, I hit rock bottom in a way I never thought possible for myself. I went against what others said and started living life to the beat of my own drum. I am still working on this personal song of my life, but every day it gets better. Because I have chosen to lead a life unlike anyone I had known and I am allowing myself to be guided more and more by what feels right. What resonates with my heart and brings positivity, growth, or blessings to my life. To put it simply, I have played society’s game of life working 6-7 days a week and going to college and paying my way, but would rather co-create my own life. Why? Because I have never believed everything I am told.

This could be taken the wrong way. But, I have my own moral compass that has become stronger and more on point as I have worked on balancing myself in mind, body, and soul over the years. By restoring a resilient foundation of health within my body, I have learned to quiet my mind, be more present and live more consciously awake. This continues to be tested. And the more I learn, the more questions come up and at the right time become clear. I have embraced my sensitivity because it is a skill that lets me relate to others empathetically, to want to help others genuinely, and to do unto others as I would have them do unto me. I do not take lightly the intention coming through a person’s words or actions. I don’t take things lightly, but I have learned to not take so many things personally either. I have adapted ways to rid myself of another’s negativity, reduce the amount of toxins in my systems, and better balance my vibrational frequency.

This may seem a bit “out there” for those who do not yet realize how everything, including ourselves, are energy. Every thought, word, behavior, or action we embrace within that moment is energy. This is what almost anyone who steps back and puts aside what society may dictate, no longer conforms to doing things the same way. We change. On a deeper level, for intimate reason, we choose to change. And anyone can. We are on this planet during a very special time and the only way I know to convey this is by sharing my stories that have gotten me to where I am now.

I recently made one of the hardest decisions of my life. And I hope and believe it is for the best. But, needless to say it shook me up inside and I once again turn within myself to rise above. To restore balance within myself that makes a positive ripple effect outside of myself. How could this be? Because true healing takes place on level higher than the mere physical chemistry of our body and we are all connected on that level. So I believe something that better resonates with my life purpose may enter without resistance.

Do For Others Is Your LegacyWhat is my life purpose? At a time when the outside world is going crazy and the news is full of horrible accounts that instill fear, worry, and doubt, we now more than ever need to look within ourselves to get our shyt together and benefit others all the same. I am here to lead others to restoring balance in their mind, body and spirit one step at a time. Why? Because, I feel, natural balance is the true piece of the puzzle everyone has seem to have lost or misplaced. I am not here to make money. I am here to inspire people’s conscious awakening so we may come together as a collective to build a better future.

It is all rainbows or sunshine after the storm has passed. And we are all butterflies or flowers after breaking through the darkness. We have the power. More power than possibly imaginable at this time. So let’s embrace this and stop throwing it away or giving it away for others to do as they please with it. There is so much good we can do in and for this world and our communities once we step out of our shells. We are the captains of this ship we call life. So let’s extend our hands out to one another as we live out this new definition of “billionaire.” In the awesome video below, Jason Silva defines the new age billionaire as “He (or she) who will positively effect the lives of a billion people. He or she who will reach out and say ‘I will positively affect the lives of a billion people. This should be our goal. This is our responsibility. Here is our chance.”

This is true freedom. I feel that I have been blessed with Shaklee because it is the vehicle we can drive to be the new age billionaire. It offers health, wealth, time, and freedom all wrapped up into helping others lives positively. Join me this Wednesday, June 24, 2015 at 8:30 PM EST for a Facebook event on how you can FastTrack Your Life to Freedom.

Lead with love,


Dealing with Being “Sensitive” and “Different” in a Healthy Way

Being YouBe Your Self. That is something I’m sure we’ve all heard a lot of. So who are you? Who am I? And why does this matter in life? I may not have met you, but all the same we are connected. My understanding of life has always been different and people have always said that no matter what I do, I’d “be great at it.” I felt like it was a bullshyz copout response everyone was told. Now, though, I understand that it is not so much what you do in life, but who you are and how you be. It is very important that this all be balanced so what you do in life is a reflection of who you are and how you be. This is what living holistically – without getting into the nitty-gritty of it all – signifies.

Growing up in a New York Catholic school (by choice for ten years, and would’ve been more had we’d not moved to North Carolina – blessing and whole other story, though!) I doubted and questioned all that I was being taught and told by adults at an early age regardless of the settings. I listened to many people come down hard on themselves because things were not as they’d wanted, or other people were not who they used to be. It was obvious that the adults I was raised to respect did not necessarily have all the answers to my millions of questions. So I set out to learn from them – good and bad – and I separated myself, so I could hold on to what I knew to be true. Though it seemed “nosey” for a kid, I learned a lot by listening to others and I feel I still do.

Not until a few years ago, did I finally learn what nobody seemed to have figured out (among some other things, better left for later) – how to have a healthy life. I put this nicely now, but it seriously p*$!ed me off when I found out almost everything I was taught about food and health was garbage. Everyone, including myself for majority of my life, was unaware of what was right beneath our noses, on our dinner plates and pretty much everywhere – toxins.

Animals are Souls & FriendsIt can be overwhelming to find out about the insurmountable amount of links there are between diseases/disorders/health issues and toxins in the systems of our society – let alone our food industry! But, it does NOT have to be. Nor do you have to do it alone. Actually it can be quite empowering. The strongest energy there is – is love. Unfortunately unlike our four-legged furry friends we call pets, for many, it isn’t until they become a parent that they begin to grasp the concept of unconditional love. But…

This is what I am here to help with. Guiding and teaching other’s how best serves them and their goals is what being a holistic health coach is all about. I offer you my unconditional love and guidance throughout life that keeps your energy in alignment with your personal path. The most important element of everything I work with people to do is love themselves for all that they are. When you truly love and value yourself, being healthy is a key that open the door to a life in true harmony with nature wand in balance with all beings.

Anyone who knows me, knows I will hear them out, tell them straight, and not judge them. But you may not know me like that. So why listen to anything I have to say? Because I do care – not only about you, but about how each and every healthier choice we make each day influences and leaves an imprint on this world and every beings future. Not everyone will resonate with what I say and that is more than okay.

All I can do is speak to you from my heart about what I have learned – both through formal education and self-taught life lessons – and help one person at a time with all that I continue to experience.

Help don't hurt otherFrom where I started when I began loving myself again in 2013 to where I am now are day and night difference. I haven’t been a clean (all organic, pretty much vegetarian) eater my whole life, I was a “picky” eater with food sensitivities since birth. I am an old soul who came into this life “wise beyond my years” and “sensitive.” I appreciate these strong traits of mine so much more now, though. Because without them I would not be as healthy as I am without medications, look a lot younger than I am without any surgeries or yo-yo dieting, or as driven to fuel my purpose with a positive passion for helping people love themselves and feel empowered every day.

How? By sharing how to eliminate these toxins at all levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual… – naturally and in a way that works with each individual’s soul purpose. What fills me up with the most unconditional love is the spiritual aspect of this all. It is what puts a smile on my face and allows me to feel empowered on my path. I have been different all my life with a strong sense of intuition and the more I am brought to remember certain periods of my childhood where this connection becomes more and more clear to me, the more I want to share with others who might not have anyone else to talk to about it. So you can always know you are not alone. And you are always loved.

Lead with Love,


Holistic Model of Wellness


Are You Supporting Sinister or Safe Supplements?

IMG_81582785098700We all cut corners here and there to save a little money. Exactly how we choose to go about doing this is different for all of us. Personally, I know I don’t spend a third of what most females do on their appearances nor the time! But, I invest my money in what I feel will matter for the long run – my health being most important. (You might already know this if you’ve read how not all supplements are the same – just like our food, cough, cough) So it hurts me to see news clips like the one below because others who are doing something with the right intention can actually be causing more harm and dis-ease within. Check out the video link (Sorry the video embed was NOT cooperating with it pulling through to play w/o leaving the page) below and the highlights of what ConsumersLab reported. Then I’ll share safe supplements that I don’t go a single day without! Or holy crap, I’d be unpleasant. World News Videos | ABC World News Via ConsumersLab (February 2015) On February 3, 2015, the New York State Attorney General announced that his office sent letters to four major retailers, GNC, Target, Walmart, and Walgreens, for allegedly selling store brand herbal supplement products in New York that either could not be verified to contain the labeled substance, or which were found to contain ingredients not listed on the labels. The letters, sent Monday, call for the retailers to immediately stop the sale of certain popular products, including Echinacea, Ginseng, St. John’s Wort, Saw Palmetto, Valerian, and Ginkgo. The letters come as DNA testing, performed as part of an ongoing investigation by the Attorney General’s Office, allegedly shows that, overall, just 21% of the test results from store brand herbal supplements verified DNA from the plants listed on the products’ labels — with 79% coming up empty for DNA related to the labeled content or verifying contamination with other plant material. The letters to retailers have been posted by The New York Times and are searchable by retailer and type of product. has requested additional information from the Attorney General’s office regarding the exact names and identities of the tested products and details of the testing. The letters do not indicate whether the products were extracts or whole herb products. Extracts are not necessarily expected to contain DNA, but, instead, specific amounts of key marker compounds associated with the species and to which extracts are typically “standardized.” has tested and reported on herbal extract products sold by these retailers, using validated methods for evaluating these compounds, as well as for contamination with heavy metals, such as lead and cadmium, which can occur in herbal supplements. DNA testing does not evaluate heavy metal contamination nor quantify the amount of an ingredient, i.e., how much of an ingredient (or contaminant) is in a product. While overall 21% of the product tests confirmed DNA barcodes from the plant species listed on the labels, 35% of the product tests identified DNA barcodes from plant species not listed on the labels, representing contaminants and fillers. A large number of the tests did not reveal any DNA from a botanical substance of any kind. Some of the contaminants identified include rice, beans, pine, citrus, asparagus, primrose, wheat, houseplant, wild carrot, and others. In many cases, unlisted contaminants were the only plant material found in the product samples. If the producers of herbal supplements fail to identify all the ingredients on a product’s label, a consumer with food allergies, or who is taking medication for an unrelated illness, is taking a potentially serious health risk every time a contaminated herbal supplement is ingested. (The Attorney General’s investigation is focused on potential violations of New York’s General Business Law and Executive Law, including deceptive practices and deceptive advertising. The DNA testing was performed by Dr. James A. Schulte II of Clarkson University in Potsdam, N.Y. based on samples purchased from around New York State. (It is likely the products are the same as those sold by these retailers in other states.) The DNA tests were performed on three to four samples of each of the six herbal supplements purchased from the New York stores. Each sample was tested with five distinct sequence runs, meaning each sample was tested five times. Three hundred and ninety tests involving 78 samples were performed overall.)

And. Just because these are the ones that were selected for testing does not mean other supplements are excused or any better, or actually being honest and holding true to their word. SO How the Heck do we Know Which Ones ARE Safe?!? Well don’t take it from me, BUT I am SO Proud to be able to have found this quote in another article via The Examiner:

“The evidence for these herbs’ effectiveness is sketchy to begin with,” said David Schardt, Senior Nutritionist of the Center for Science in the Public Interest. “But when the advertised herbs aren’t even in many of the products, it’s a sign that this loosely regulated industry is urgently in need of reform. Until then, and perhaps even after then, consumers should stop wasting their money. Attorney General Schneiderman has done what federal regulators should have done a long time ago.” It is for this reason the public needs to turn to reputable companies like Shaklee when purchasing their herbal supplements.” Research goes a long way and is worth the time, people. Because what we consume and put in our bodies effects our health for the long-run. Here are Standards that We NEED TO LOOK FOR & KNOW Before Buying Supplements or Nutrition-related products:

  • Clinical studies on the complete ingredients of the vitamin, not a single ingredient, especially if from a different source altogether **Peer-reviewed clinical studies are THE Gold Standard (BTW)
  • Natural ingredients on the label to AVOID artificial sweeteners, flavors & preservatives
  • Brand or company that embodies safety and quality
  • Unconditional money-back guarantee
  • Longevity of efficacy for real people
  • Do NOT follow marketing fads, rather find trust in the using science to harness the healing power of nature only in a way that is necessary and still beneficial
  • Company truly abides by the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s)
  • Company not just accepts or “relies on” the supplier’s Certificate of Analysis, which according to the FDA is a “document, provided by the supplier of a component prior to or upon receipt of the component, that documents certain characteristics and attributes of the component” BUT Actually Follow GMPs To The Highest Degree that “REQUIRES” the company to CONFIRM the identity of components, like lead, heavy metals & pesticides, and determine whether other specifications for components (including dietary ingredients), are met, either by conducting appropriate tests or examinations” (or by relying on a certificate of analysis from the supplier of the component)

These Are HUGE and Really Key to Narrow Down the List of Companies that are SAFE to Support! I know time is incredibly valuable, so I appreciate your time in reading this. And I offer a way to save not only countless hours doing research, but a lot of money that’ll have to be spent down the road when what you are doing just wasn’t working. Check out Why I Fell in Love with Shaklee Supplements And Won’t Go a Day Without Them. Or Just Give Them a Try for Yourself and Feel the Difference – Heck, if anything you DO have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee 😉 Lead with Love, Blanca Not All Multivitamins Created Equal