Transforming through Our Truth

Truth carries great weight and responsibility with it today. Why might you ask? Because for generations people have become comfortable believing lies fed to us through society. Today, people post on Facebook either all the pretty highlights or constant dramas, but there are very few people who share it all – ups and downs, good and bad, rights and wrongs…myself included. Growing up our family (I’m sure like many) had its fair share of dirty laundry, but that laundry was never to be aired or shown in public. I felt like sometimes we lived a lie because I couldn’t talk about certain things and I feel like this is still the case with “taboo” topics that are rooted in truth throughout time. So many today live a lie with life’s blindfolds over some really serious issues that aren’t acknowledged in mainstream media, of which the primary purpose has come to be based in fear.

We all have fears. Fears of rejection, disappointment, lack of self-worth…and the list can go on and on, but I’m sure if you’re honest with yourself you can name a few of your own. Over the past few years, I have aired out my own dirt that even I had been in denial of for years and shamed me into a guilt that ate me up inside. I felt my lowest and most defeated. I had lost that innate self-confidence and disconnected from the power I knew was inside me driven with this knowing that I am here to serve a purpose larger than myself. It was something that as I grew up I wondered why so many adults seemed out of touch with, or unaware of their own inner strength. I had to believe again that it was still there and do what I could to feel better.

IMG_265961310277564I had to be honest with myself with why I was unhappy inside, which tied to the different health issues that were arising at the time and then rippling into every other area of my life. I felt I had done what was expected of me and what I had learned to be the best way to strategically setup oneself for success. But, the more I learned the more I realized I’d been shutting out my soul’s voice, or inner intuition. Everytime I had ever been in a place where I didn’t know how something was going to work out or felt I’d exhausted all possible options, I would give it up to Our Creator and even at times would say that if it wasn’t meant to be then I would be okay with that and understand that some things just aren’t meant to be. As we become more connected I do believe that manifesting things to work out and knowing when we are and are not on the path to fulfilling our highest and best purpose. So how can we differentiate in the mean time while enjoying the journey? I do believe this is where balance comes in so we can love every step.

According to Deepak Chopra, in a chat entitled “The Biology of Healing: Why Love Matters” on 30 November 2015, “Love is a state of being, a state of consciousness where we feel connected with life in general…Love makes us feel safe. Love brings us closer to our Source, which is our Soul, or our Spirit. Love is the ultimate motivation for everything we do…Love matters…Love literally becomes physical matter…When we experience love, our limbic brain gets activated. Our limbic brain is connected to our hypothalamus, which is connected to our pituitary gland – which is connected to all the endocrine glands in our bodies…[Limbic response sets off hormones for self-regulation and neurotransmitters.]

Homeostasis is a dynamic state of non-change in the midst of change…that is actually the biological basis of healing. The word healing. The word whole. And the word holy are the same thing. So when we say holy – a state of return to wholeness. All inclusiveness. Your body is a part of the universe, an entity of the universe. But it is also part of the ecosystem. It is also part of a social network. It is also a set of relationships. And when all of that is in balance and the experience is love and the biological response is healing. That is why love matters. Love becomes the matter of your body in health and healing. You are holy and you are healed.”

IMG_283373248181440Now we are all starting from a place unique to ourselves and situations, but we can all begin this healing process for ourselves right where we are. If we are honest with ourselves and can make managable and attainable steps that become healthy sustainable habits aligning us more each day with our individual highest and best purpose. Being honest is part of respecting the truth that ties us altogether – that we are all of the same loving energetic essence. We each have our own truths, though. In the 2nd grade, I asked the Father of our Catholic church after mass, “Who created God?” He replied that God is so powerful that “He created himself. He merely willed it and so it was.”

Yes, I could agree that is what we were taught, but I felt like it lacked more detail or depth that my soul was yearning to be answered, by the highest ranking and respected man of the church in our school, when asking this question. I didn’t feel that deep down inside this was how everything, every little thing and even the things we couldn’t see inside us has all come to be – from a man-like being who sits in the sky, seeing and knowing everything, being everywhere and sent a son to Earth as sacrifice. Though I found a lot of truth behind the loving morals of Catholicism, at less than 10 years of age I knew there was more to it all. Upon studying other religions during my undergraduate, I have come to believe that all religions are based in love so I see love as Our Creator/our essence and there are many people that have come to connect with Our Creator throughout times and all around the world. However, the stories of these people and instances have been written and recorded by man, mankind who has in the past consistently had an alterior motive like when burning all other books written before those delegated by the church, for instance.

I bring these matters to light because I feel that we have each experienced moments where we questioned something and (to put it lightly) quieted, degraded, or dismissed for thinking outside the box. What box have you put yourself in? What beliefs do you no longer agree with that make up the sides of this box? We all have one or another, if not many like one inside the other, inside the other, inside another. I feel that more and more people are realizing the many boxes we have been confining ourselves to and are not wanting to live like that anymore – whether that be in a soul-sucking job, toxic relationships, unhealthy habits or what have you. Sharing our stories of getting through this can empower others to find what works for them and this is what this community will be built around. Serving each other for the highest and best of us all. If you’re ready to start turning around your life in miraculous and glorious ways then I am here to help you – schedule your appointment today – or subscribe to the blog for simple and fun ways to get going that build on the FREE Tried & True Daily Health Tips.

Lead with Love,



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