Transforming Our Truths for Conscious Changes

Becoming in touch with my spiritual self was not something that happened by accident and know there are so many who are being called to change through crazy scenarios, too. Just as people all over the world are going through things so horrendous, this same fear-based chaos happens in our personal lives to wake us all up. This is all happening to shake up our societal and traditional systems in the big picture, and wake up us individually so we can all come together with the realization that we are all connected – people, animals, plants, planets, all of us – we are all energy and we are altogether the collective consciousness. Opening our minds and hearts to these “new age” ideas can be more of an undertaking for some than others and for each us happens uniquely.

What changes do I speak of? All kinds of changes! For me it was no longer being unaware of the injustices being done to hold back humanity from living a free, healthy life nor allowing myself to be purposely poisoned anymore. But, long before that I started connecting the dots and questioning much of what I was told and taught by adults who seemed to not exactly have it all figured out themselves either. By the 2nd grade, I asked the Father (and later Monsignor) of our NY Catholic church after mass, “Who created God?” He replied that God is so powerful that “He created himself. He merely willed it and so it was.” I knew that was what the Bible said, too, but it just didn’t sit right with me and something told me to just play along. Much of life became like that – I felt like I just played along by the silly rules and expectations, but deep inside knew that it didn’t have to be that way and I would do/be something out-of-the-ordinary.

It is ironic, though, because really it is more the ordinary of the future and some days more than others it is hard to put on my big girl pants and play along. Quite frankly I’ve never been a “fake it ’til you make it” kinda person and don’t pretend to being 100% everyday. I do honestly feel that the more sensitive souls in this world are energetically being affected by the shifts of our planet into higher dimensions & frequencies. Russell Brand even blows me away with his brilliance in this video below:

Working our lives away day after day in a box separating us from our connection to the fresh air, to the warm sunlight, to wind caressing our skin, to nature. All for what? To barely make it by each month paying bills for things that sustainable, energy-friendly technology can replace in a short period of time. But, these decisions aren’t welcomed by the corrupt government of today. Better yet the people creating these innovative inventions are and have been discredited, killed or threatened into silence. So with the New Year upon us, what matters most?

  1. Taking care of our health
  2. Standing up against the systems
  3. Learning and researching with an open heart and mind
  4. Spreading the word to make a positive impact in our world

First thing is first – we need to understand there is much more to this universe and it is being said that a lot will be exposed this coming year of 2016 and I sure hope that brings real changes in the laws, the systems, and those running it and playing puppet master is a result of this sooner than later. How? I found this video by Larry Lessig to best describe how to best remedy this:

Soon enough I will be sharing with you my own video(s) and am playing with ways to get more useful information to you personally this 2016. The more we embrace our spiritual selves and show love to our physical, mental, emotional self, the better it is for everyone and everything 🙂

A lot of resolutions are created at this time of year…surrounded by goals for an even better year ahead. Fortunately, I am partnered with some amazing people who are here to help make it easy for you…to show you how, through Shaklee, you can reach your health goals, help your families be healthier, and even help you grow personally, professionally, and financially in 2016. We all deserve to take care of ourselves, have the freedom to make our own schedule, and make money with integrity. And with Shaklee we truly can!

Lots of Love!


2016 New Year New You - Learn How with Us

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