Embracing Our Spiritual Self

Infinite Spiritual beings having temp human experiencePart of the beauty in walking our own spiritual path is the healing power of being our best self more and more. Over the past few years as I have deeply reflected, meditated on, prayed about, released, healed and acknowledged different areas of my life that aren’t in alignment with my highest and best soul’s purpose, I truly believe it is helping the evolution of all beings. How? Because we are souls in existence in a physical body, which is what has resonated with me most when reading the work of Plato, any healing and releasing we do personally benefits the energetic vibration and healing of humanity. In other words, or the words of Spirit of Ra, “the tiniest of disturbance in one energy field disturbs the others around it, and in turn these spread out to ultimately the farthest reaches of the cosmos…Once this original discordant energy is re-balanced or harmonized, all of the energy effected by the original disturbance will return to order.” Thus, as above, so below. As below, so above. As within, so without. You get the idea. So as I strive to walk in love, be the light and unapologetically balance living a spiritually fulfilling life in a materialistic, unconscious society I hope that my writings can help others find their own balance as they bloom in this crazy, beautiful garden of life.

There is so much BS going on in today’s world that I have had to learn about conflicting with a lot I had been lead or conditioned to believe. It can be hard sometimes to not be concerned about what could come of this crazy world, though we know it will all happen as it is meant to, there has to be a way to help. And I believe this way is by doing what we are being called to do. For me this hasn’t ever been crystal clear. Yeah, I had my 2-year, 5-year goals and such. But, I never really knew what I was meant to do with my life. I knew I wanted to be a healthy role model, mother/wife, philanthropist and purposeful provider.

So many of us feel deep inside something yearning to break free from the chains and limiting beliefs of society’s old-world ways. It is all broken and setup to break and keep the people down. And, yes, there are reasons behind all this that can be found with a little research. But, first we need to be aware of at least one area – which initally for me was through health and food – to see how it is all interconnected. No matter how you are lead on your own spiritual path it is tied to everything else at its essence of energy. Everything is connected. Everything is energy and this is why I have taken more time away than usual. We all need time to ourselves – some more often than others and though I am a social person I am a sensitive soul. We need to have a balance in all areas of our life, though, and now is the time to acknowledge all this more than ever.

i-alone-cannot-change-society-for-the-better-but-i-can-radically-transform-my-own-consciousnessThere are so many people saying to do this or do that and you’ll attract what you desire. Yes, I do believe in the Law of Attraction (LoA) and our individual abilities to manifest/create a life we truly love and are aligned with. But the truth is we must first recognize and love ourselves where we’ve hurt most. Then by LoA, or as I prefer to understand it one of several Universal Laws, as we “heal” those deep wounds we help awaken and positively resonate a higher vibration, frequency and energy within this world. As we each individually come to understand that “when the discordant energy is introduced to the human energy system, the unbalancing may produce disease. By introducing strong harmonizing energy to a discordant or “dis-eased” system, one can bring the system back into balance, or “heal” it.

Our love is that strong harmonizing energy that is strong enough to heal all the systems and showing ourselves self-love is the way to make this all possible through loving actions that become habits and then simply a way of living. So living a healthy life and taking care of ourselves is the mere basis of all this. Over the past few years I have removed many toxins from my life, yet even I can do better. We each are starting from somewhere different so respect and compassion without judgment are ever important as we each walk our own path. The hardest of all toxins, in my opinion, are relationships that no longer serve our highest and best self. I will forever believe people can change, but I am learning to step back more and more without feeling guilty or apologetic for respecting myself enough to let people go. My Grandma always said, “Forgive, but never forget.” I give people the benefit of the doubt because I know there is love at the essence of us all, but should that person not choose to recognize that within themselves and resonate it in their life and actions then I will step back still sending them love, though.

Since a young age, I was very confident and intuitive, which were traits I never understood other people not embracing or understanding as universal. Until now. Now that I look back over the intense relationships within myself and with others throughout my life things make more sense. Especially, though, over the last few years when I have never doubted myself, my intuition and people more. Intuition is the unconscious wisdom within each of us. That is, the mystic spiritual knowingness within all Creation, which we can tap into when we go in and connect with – I believe primarily through meditation and cleansing of energetic imbalances.

Hands down, all-in-all, we are spiritual beings connected to all of creation with an immense amount of power within ourselves that is fueled by healthy facets of living, yet we live in a reality or world that shows us necessary lessons to guide and direct us through our individual blocks. Until money becomes obsolete, the systems change or once I get through my own personal blocks, we make money to do and buy things. At this time what this means for me is working as a Chiropractor’s Assistant while connecting more devoutly to my purpose/calling in life, regardless if that does or doesn’t have to do with being a Reiki Master for now it does align with being a Graduate Certified Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach.

Every day I become more enveloped and immersed in the astrology, “new” science, holistic healing modalities and world-changing inventions or ideas. Earlier this year I endeavored to learn a little about the holistic healing modality of homeopathy that is based in the same understanding of Reiki. Both homeopathy and Reiki work with the essential energy flowing through each of us and each practitioner endeavors to restore the body’s natural energy flow through energy medicine. Writings and videos by others have served as forms of energy medicine for me among many other means that I will gladly be sharing more about with you. So as I faithfully turn the corner of this point in my life, not knowing what is next I open myself to being real with you as I walk this spiritual path while balancing enjoying this beautiful world and life, learning, growing, creating and bettering ourselves and the world as one. In hopes that it can serve and aid in the healing of someone, or awakening of many.

Lead with Love,


Prime Purpose in Life to Help Others

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