Dealing with Being “Sensitive” and “Different” in a Healthy Way

Being YouBe Your Self. That is something I’m sure we’ve all heard a lot of. So who are you? Who am I? And why does this matter in life? I may not have met you, but all the same we are connected. My understanding of life has always been different and people have always said that no matter what I do, I’d “be great at it.” I felt like it was a bullshyz copout response everyone was told. Now, though, I understand that it is not so much what you do in life, but who you are and how you be. It is very important that this all be balanced so what you do in life is a reflection of who you are and how you be. This is what living holistically – without getting into the nitty-gritty of it all – signifies.

Growing up in a New York Catholic school (by choice for ten years, and would’ve been more had we’d not moved to North Carolina – blessing and whole other story, though!) I doubted and questioned all that I was being taught and told by adults at an early age regardless of the settings. I listened to many people come down hard on themselves because things were not as they’d wanted, or other people were not who they used to be. It was obvious that the adults I was raised to respect did not necessarily have all the answers to my millions of questions. So I set out to learn from them – good and bad – and I separated myself, so I could hold on to what I knew to be true. Though it seemed “nosey” for a kid, I learned a lot by listening to others and I feel I still do.

Not until a few years ago, did I finally learn what nobody seemed to have figured out (among some other things, better left for later) – how to have a healthy life. I put this nicely now, but it seriously p*$!ed me off when I found out almost everything I was taught about food and health was garbage. Everyone, including myself for majority of my life, was unaware of what was right beneath our noses, on our dinner plates and pretty much everywhere – toxins.

Animals are Souls & FriendsIt can be overwhelming to find out about the insurmountable amount of links there are between diseases/disorders/health issues and toxins in the systems of our society – let alone our food industry! But, it does NOT have to be. Nor do you have to do it alone. Actually it can be quite empowering. The strongest energy there is – is love. Unfortunately unlike our four-legged furry friends we call pets, for many, it isn’t until they become a parent that they begin to grasp the concept of unconditional love. But…

This is what I am here to help with. Guiding and teaching other’s how best serves them and their goals is what being a holistic health coach is all about. I offer you my unconditional love and guidance throughout life that keeps your energy in alignment with your personal path. The most important element of everything I work with people to do is love themselves for all that they are. When you truly love and value yourself, being healthy is a key that open the door to a life in true harmony with nature wand in balance with all beings.

Anyone who knows me, knows I will hear them out, tell them straight, and not judge them. But you may not know me like that. So why listen to anything I have to say? Because I do care – not only about you, but about how each and every healthier choice we make each day influences and leaves an imprint on this world and every beings future. Not everyone will resonate with what I say and that is more than okay.

All I can do is speak to you from my heart about what I have learned – both through formal education and self-taught life lessons – and help one person at a time with all that I continue to experience.

Help don't hurt otherFrom where I started when I began loving myself again in 2013 to where I am now are day and night difference. I haven’t been a clean (all organic, pretty much vegetarian) eater my whole life, I was a “picky” eater with food sensitivities since birth. I am an old soul who came into this life “wise beyond my years” and “sensitive.” I appreciate these strong traits of mine so much more now, though. Because without them I would not be as healthy as I am without medications, look a lot younger than I am without any surgeries or yo-yo dieting, or as driven to fuel my purpose with a positive passion for helping people love themselves and feel empowered every day.

How? By sharing how to eliminate these toxins at all levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual… – naturally and in a way that works with each individual’s soul purpose. What fills me up with the most unconditional love is the spiritual aspect of this all. It is what puts a smile on my face and allows me to feel empowered on my path. I have been different all my life with a strong sense of intuition and the more I am brought to remember certain periods of my childhood where this connection becomes more and more clear to me, the more I want to share with others who might not have anyone else to talk to about it. So you can always know you are not alone. And you are always loved.

Lead with Love,


Holistic Model of Wellness


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