Curses or Changes – What Do You Choose?

Words have a lasting impact more than we think. Luckily, it doesn’t take the latest scientific research to really understand this and see its effect in our lives. There are different words that make us each cringe when we hear them. They may remind us of past instances that we still hold on to or make us fearful of our future possibilities. But, neither nourishes our body, mind or soul. Making the right moves towards positive, present momentary pleasures creates progress and provides us with the beneficial basics needed to break free of the many modern-day curses – media, marketing, morbidity, materialism, and money – just to throw a few out there.

Each curse limits or sets back our critical thinking abilities; closing our mind off to alternative and sometimes even better options or ideas. The news presented by media is just an altered blind-fold quite similar to medicine for morbidity, marketing for corporate products or services, and money to support materialistic distractions for an unaware mass of people. These veils allude to promises of happiness, popularity or beauty when really it is all just a joke because it is all fleeting ways to attempt to fill the holes we feel inside when we are unhappy for one reason or another. But, only we can change this by changing how we think and many thoughts are clouded by these curses. The most eye-opening manner to change how we think is to be open to change – good or bad – and understanding how it all works together just like the cells and systems of our body. All complex in a way that surpass people’s care of thought so long as everything appears nice on the outside. Nonetheless it is really the inner workings that mean the most and make all the rest work. This is where strengthening our mind through nutrition allows us to perceive life in a different way.

I bet even with all the marketing thrown our way every day, you would be just as surprised as I am to find out that March is National Nutrition Month. Nurturing our bodies with nutrient-dense whole food is my most favorite daily aspect of holistic living that I look forward to now. I am a triple/quadruple checker and when it comes to taking care of our complex and unique bodies that need to each maintain its own homeostatic balance, one can never be too safe. So, to cover all the bases and complete my trifecta of ways to work on our health internally – eating organic, supplementing with Shaklee, and finally juicing – together allow for a safe, smooth drive to a truly, healthy homerun.

Health is a matter of habit and a juice can be ready in as little as 5 minutes flat. Yes, I have tested and timed myself in the morning before going to the office, so it is possible with practice and patience. Many of us don’t have the time to really put into our health the way we should, so choosing the right juicer for your lifestyle is so important. Luckily, I was gifted one before Christmas and it made the end of my year (and broken bone at the time, so very happy)! There are juicers that honestly require a lot of time to prepare the fruits & vegetables for that are too stinking tedious, if you ask me. So the powerful Professional Ninja is perfect for people on the go – or pretty much everyone nowadays! 😉 But, I must confess, I have broken a blender by putting more whole foods in there than the poor champ could handle. Hence I blew the motor with my good intentions, but just as everything does – it worked out in the end thanks to the love of others.

Here are the top 3 tricks I’ve learned when making my morning juice that really help:

–          Start with the thickest base food at the bottom of the container (apples, carrots, etc.)

–          Put a scoop of Shaklee smoothie after the 2nd food is in the container (at the bottom tends to not blend well and at the top can make quite the cloud when going to start the machine)

–          Leave the leaves for last (kale, spinach or any other greens since they blend the easiest)

Other handy juicing hints:

–          Frozen berries are a great ingredient for beginners & help transition from more of a smoothie drink to a juice

–          Textures are temperamental, so keep in mind what fruit or vegetable you added and how they can thicken

–          Balance the number of fruits and vegetables used, so there is not more of one than the other

–          Create a colorful palate on your cutting board and use a variety of different combinations of colored whole foods

–          Keep the skin on the fruit or vegetable whenever possible to maximize the variety and number of nutrients available in the whole food. The texture will become thicker with some skins, so it can take a little while to build up to this point

Of course, I cannot stress how significant it is to use all organic produce when juicing. Some great resources I have found for juicing benefits, recipes, etc. include:

–          The Juice Bible

–          The Detox Diet

–          Raw/Living and Organic Foods

Lead with Love,


Something Never Done

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